Thursday, 21 November 2013

all along

any far out words come from 
conversations I've had about life

not an empty bottle 
or ashtray in sight

drunk on the horrors and 
beauty of this world 

I don't know how we got here
I don't know which is worse

love is as final as death impossible 
to change or reawaken it

opposites attract to become one
we're everything and nothing all along

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

an advance on spring

hey babe this little flower bulb
buried in the dusty soil
hiding in a darkened attic room

what colourless winter dreams
occupy my sleepless mind tonight 

I'm not playing dead even if
I could trick the universe into 
turning her head for a while

it's never been so important she 
doesn't see me looking this way 

lying here unmoving and alone
only words holding on to dearly
loved people and things  

a life of unexpected times
this is my advance on spring

Monday, 2 September 2013

Low Carbohydrate - High Fat, Update

In my last blogpost, I outlined my intention to begin a high fat – low carbohydrate diet. This is an update of how things have panned out since then. To say that the change has made a difference is something of an understatement. Two to three weeks seem to have cleared up years of various problems. After overcoming the initially challenging adaptation period – the effect on my life has been little short of miraculous. So much so, words alone are not quite able to do it justice – but I shall try! Perhaps the primary reason for changing my diet in the first place was in the possible hope of reducing the gastrointestinal issues that have been an on-going and debilitating occurrence for as long as I can remember. The low carbohydrate – high fat diet has brought unequivocal success. I have had only the merest hint of IBS since making the change. Fellow (former) sufferers will know only too well the unimaginable relief this would bring. Other positives that I have experienced are no less significant – and probably linked to this improvement in digestive health. Anxiety and depressive episodes have all but disappeared (although I am aware it’s still early days), I’ve been sleeping better than I have in years, and my energy levels remain fairly constant throughout the day. Gone it seems are the times when I would be hungry by 11am despite eating a large bowl of porridge for breakfast. Yesterday, for example, after eating scrambled eggs with coconut oil in the morning, I went out on my bike for a few hours, did some jobs around the house, and walked to town in the afternoon. I didn’t feel hunger until about 3pm, and even then it wasn’t ravenous. There is no post-meal slump in energy or the drowsiness often experienced after eating high carbohydrate foods. I feel cognitively more alert; it has been like a whole new lease of life. I view this very much as a lifestyle change, not just a two week fad diet before reverting to old ways. These are my personal experiences of going high fat – low carbohydrate, and there is also a wealth of scientific evidence that such a diet can markedly improve the issues surrounding obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. I cannot recommend strongly enough that, at the very least, you find out more about this diet. The internet is a wonderful source of information – following Professor Tim Noakes (@ProfTimNoakes) on Twitter will be enlightening, and provides many interesting and relevant articles. Thank you for reading!  

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Going back to progress: The Paleo Diet.

It won't be for everyone. Apart from breathing, nothing really is. In a couple of weeks I should be able to tell how well suited the Paleo diet is for me. The reasons for trying it - based on scientific research & trusted testimonies - I'd like to feel more energised, not experience sudden drops in blood sugar and ravenous hunger, along with a possible relief from some current GI complaints. And, of course - I'd have no objections to losing a few pounds along the way. 

I'd stopped eating most sugars a year ago, but with the Paleo diet essentially described as low carbohydrate high fat - the rice, potatoes, and porridge had to go. The thought of this did not bother me so much - compared to the high fat component, anyway. It took some courage to overcome the rhetoric we've been fed by the popular media these past decades. That is - eating fat makes you fat - and the bigger you are the lesser you become. It has become so ingrained - no one notices the amount of sugar that goes into low fat cereals. But follow the bread crumbs and you'll find the money trail. Looking closer still, the obesity epidemic seems to have emerged around the same time as the wealth of low fat fad diets. 

The concerns I have over body image are predominantly psychological - rather than a physical reality. I can't even bring myself to stand on the scales. I don't want to know how much I weigh though - but to feel comfortable in my skin, fat, muscle, and bones.  

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

knowledge and Questions

you could know every single thing in the universe - but still not have the answers you seek

I could understand quarks and dark matter - but they won't be able to tell me why I'm here 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Thoughts on a nameless day

couldn't make a decision - even which words to speak 

fixed to a spot - unsure where else to move

thoughts of self-harm became like hunger - I'm going to eat my tea

when some feeling returns after being so numb - it's only a guilt for both of them 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Reasons for conflict change - but at the heart of it we remain

It doesn't matter where you stop the page in history - the reasons for conflict might be different - but we remain at the heart of it. 

Peace cannot simply be the absence of war - we'll still be shouting at each other in a traffic jam, or wishing our neighbour ill through the wall.  

It has to be a change within each of us - guns do not fire of their own accord - fists do not punch without a thought.